We Provide A Wide Range Of Services

Access Cargo undertakes with a global network that allows us to offer personalized solutions to our clients. We have a solid control over the client’s needs in all matters of their import and export business transactions.


We use rail transport for your shipment whenever it offers a more favourable cost and/or speed of service. At Access Cargo we always offer optimised logistics solutions and the railway is a great option for many kinds of freight, particularly when connected with other means of transport as part of a multimodal logistics service.

International rail freight transport

We use rail transport for our international shipments whenever possible. Rail freight transport is a forward-looking initiative in the international logistics scenario, and particularly on the European continent with its high-quality rail corridors for freight carriage. This is a competitive and clean means of transport which has enormous potential for growth, combined with use of the already existing rail network.

Not only is international rail transport fast because of train speed, but the necessary export formalities too are much simpler to complete than they are for other means of transport.

Rail transport of dangerous goods

Dangerous goods are considered to be those whose transport is only authorised in certain conditions, when a number of safety requirements or recommendations are in place. Here rail freight is regulated by the RID, the International Regulation on the Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Rail, issued by the European Union.

Among the goods considered dangerous for rail transport are explosive and flammable goods, gases and flammable liquids, and spontaneously combustible, toxic, infectious, corrosive and radioactive materials. The packaging and stowage of these kinds of substances in wagons or tanks must follow a series of additional procedures to guarantee the safety of both people and the environment.