We Provide A Wide Range Of Services

Access Cargo undertakes with a global network that allows us to offer personalized solutions to our clients. We have a solid control over the client’s needs in all matters of their import and export business transactions.


We offer a streamlined international overland freight transport service, with guaranteed security and punctual delivery. Thanks to our solutions, you can send goods all over Europe at a very reasonable cost. If you need your goods to reach any part of the continent efficiently offering the best value for money, we’re your people.

Road/Train transport of bulk cargo

Bulk cargo is freight transported in large quantities without packing or packaging, where the means of transport itself acts as the container. Both solid and liquid bulk freight require especially careful stowage to reduce cargo loss. At Access Cargo we know how to deal with the road transport of bulk cargo, as well as the machinery and instruments required for its handling, particularly when the freight in question is dangerous, such as fuel or chemicals.

Heavy goods transport

If you have a heavy load to ship, it may require equipment such as cranes or hoisting platforms for its transportation. Access Cargo is experienced in handling the road transport of heavy goods including machinery, industrial and construction materials. We can provide specially approved vehicles for this kind of freight, as well as skilled workers to carry out the operation, guaranteeing that your heavy load will arrive safely at its destination within the agreed deadline.

Dry goods road transport

When we refer to dry or general road freight, we mean goods that need no special transport equipment or conditions. This encompasses most of the goods transported by road. This kind of cargo is transported in packages or on pallets. We can subdivide the dry load into fractions, referring to loose goods when they have their own packaging, such as parcels, sacks or boxes; and to units, when it is made up of articles grouped together on pallets or in containers.